Storage Container PricingChoosing a used shipping container can be particularly challenging if you don’t know exactly what to look for in a good cargo container. Fortunately, at Midwest Storage Containers, we aren’t looking to keep any secrets; we want to help you choose the best Minnesota or Illinois shipping container for your needs, right down to its condition. While all of our used conex containers are suitable for some shipping needs, not all of them are weather-ready to brave storms across the seas or even winter storms when being shipped domestically. To help you decide which type of used shipping container you should invest in, we want to help you understand the difference between our several shipping container grades, all with varying degrees of use. Whether you’re looking for a like-new cargo container, a cargo container that’s suitable for most any shipping need, or a well-used shipping container that’s as low-cost as possible, we have what you need to fit your shipping needs and your budget.

Used Shipping Container Conditions

When we get in used cargo containers, we examine the containers for use and wear, organizing them into four categories. Although there is no universal categorization for shipping container grades, the categories we assign to our shipping containers are widely used to describe the level of use a conex container has seen.

The first level of cargo container use is “one-trip/new,” which means that you’ll be investing in a very lightly used cargo container. These have been manufactured and shipped to the United States, and they’ve been used only minimally since then. Slightly more used shipping containers are what we call “cargo-worthy” shipping containers. These are no longer considered new conex containers, but they’re inspected and certified for shipping overseas and can still last through the wind and water they’ll see on the ocean. We also offer “wind and water tight” shipping containers, which have not been inspected or certified “cargo-worthy,” though they often are still durable enough to be used for overseas shipping. Finally, we have “as is” conex containers, which may include leaks or damage that would make them unsuitable for overseas shipping but will still be fine for any domestic shipping needs.

Domestic Shipping and Ocean Cargo Containers

Whether you’re looking for an overseas cargo container or a domestic shipping container, Midwest Storage Containers will help you choose exactly the right used cargo container for your needs, helping you choose between the varying shipping container grades. If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting, and weather-ready shipping container, consider investing in a like-new shipping container or a “cargo-worthy” container, especially if you intend to ship overseas. If you’re looking for a more affordable shipping container that only needs to ship domestically, you may need only a “wind and water tight” conex container or even an “as is” shipping container that may be resistant to most weathering. Contact us at 888-782-2363 or, and get a free estimate for your Illinois or Minnesota used shipping container.