Used Shipping ContainersMidwest Storage Containers of St. Paul, Minnesota, serves a wide area of Minnesota and the Midwest, and can help you with your storage needs no matter where you are located. Midwest Storage is a respected storage company and has experiencing working with contractors who are interested in renting multiple storage units, business owners doing renovations, and homeowners who are preparing for an across town move. Midwest Storage Containers can rent you one container, or 12, depending on your unique needs, but you can be confident that each container we rent will be durable and strong.

Strong, Affordable Storage Containers for Many Functions

The team at Midwest Storage Containers strives to treat their customers fairly, and their prices reflect that commitment to fairness. The prices we quote are competitive and reasonable. Contractors, businesses and individual customers have been enthusiastic in their praise for Midwest Storage because of our commitment to fair treatment, our top-notch customer service, and the high quality storage units we provide.

The storage containers that we rent to our customers also provide reassurance for customers. They are sturdy and expertly constructed storage units for rent in St. Paul, MN. They are ideal for contractors who want to rent multiple units for road work, tearing down and rebuilding bridges, demolishing structures, and the removal of material waste, to name just a few uses. And, if you need to rent a unit for a renovation project or an upcoming move, you can also be sure that our containers will keep all of your personal (or professional belongings) dry, safe and secure. You can also customize the containers you need with added ventilation, additional lock boxes or shelving. Midwest Storage Containers offers multiple sizes of their units—they can be as small as ten feet and as large as forty feet depending on your needs.

Nationwide Delivery for Affordable Storage Solutions

Midwest Storage Containers will deliver our durably constructed storage units directly to your construction site, business or home. Additionally, and importantly, their prices are lower than most other similar storage-container companies, which should appeal to anyone on a budget. To make things even more convenient, the staff will drop off the storage containers at your location and then will retrieve them after they have been filled, move them to their next location or even store your belongings for you at one of our off-site facilities.

Ultimately, Midwest Storage Containers simply wants you to have the storage unit you need for whatever purpose you need it. If you have questions about our storage containers or want to learn more, call us today at 888-782-2363. We can help solve your storage need fast!