Conex Storage Containers Chicago ILMidwest Shipping Containers, based in Columbus and serving the Lima, Ohio area, provides shipping containers for domestic and international shipping of a wide variety of material and products. For many customers who are in need of a shipping container for such purposes, it is possible to purchase a USED container, to save money. But feeling confident in the used container that is purchased can be an uncertain and stressful process. Fortunately, Midwest Storage is committed to helping you make the best possible decision about your used shipping container purchase.

What To Look For In A Used Shipping Container

If you decide to invest in a used shipping container, examine it carefully with the following in mind:
1. Safe from the elements: First, you want to be assured that the used shipping container is wind-and-watertight. To do this, you should walk inside the container and check for signs of daylight coming in through cracks or holes, or even small separations at the seams. If you see daylight coming through, there is an issue that will need to be addressed.
2. Rust: You should also look at the used container for any signs of rust. Rust is oxidation, which is a process of metal degradation. Rust can be a sign that holes are forming. So can stains running down the side of the box.
3. Door Strength: Examine and test the integrity of the door or doors of the storage container. They should open and close correctly, meaning that they should close securely and without issue. You will already have tested the seal of the door when standing inside the shipping container and looking for light coming in from outside. Make sure the lockrods close completely and there is no gap between the doors.
4. Floor: You should walk all the way around the inside of the container to ensure that the floor is intact. You should feel no soft spots, which can be caused by poor construction or previous intrusion of liquid damage. You should also look closely at any repairs that have been made to the container.
5. Structure and Smell Test: The structure of your chosen shipping container should have no major dents on any surface. Finally, if there is any evidence of remaining foul odors from previous shipping contents, think twice about that container. There should be no evidence of foul odors.

High Quality Used Shipping Containers

Buying a new shipping container guarantees that its condition will be without issue. But if you are looking for a lower-cost option by finding a used container, the staff of Midwest Shipping Containers can provide similar assurances. They rate the quality of all used shipping containers, and all must pass their rigorous inspection before they are offered to you for purchase. You will be fully informed of the condition of the container prior to making your commitment. Call 888-782-2363 for more information.